Everything you need to know about Merge's branding

An intentional and composed blend of quality goods, unique from one another, selected to fuse into your mindful lifestyles.
As Merge been through a little rebranding process, in order to solidify our business and grow its roots, we thought that it would be important to let you know what Merge’s actually vibing with! So let’s kickstart the new year, and the store’s fifth anniversary, with a few lines on what’s the meaning behind what we do and the values related to the store.
 Merge Main logo, arch with a X, represent tofino scenery sunset
First off, the arch and line represent the sunset, which evokes Tofino as we are located at the very west of Canada along the shore of the Pacific Northwest, where the sun sets on the water. Life in Tofino very much evolves around being by the ocean, on the beach or surfing. Therefore, we thought crucial to showcase this lifestyle, in some graphic ways. Hence the use of the sunset, in the main logo.
Why the rainbow?!
The rainbow! We made sure to give it an artsy aspect and a watercolor variation. We think it helps in showcasing the fact that our goods are handmade. We use it too for its symbol as rainbows are often seen after a rainstorm when the sun breaks through the clouds, we thought that having our store as a warm and sunny place where to travel during Tofino’s rainy and darker days was a winner concept. We get tons of comments about the brightness and warm feels given upon entering the boutique, making our heart very happy to hear about that!
Why the x?
Merge Tofino second logo branding, circle with X outside
As we’re pretty tucked away in the alley, we believe much in making sure our products, the vibes in the store, the service and everything that lies in between is all worth the hunt. The x serves at representing the hidden-gem-aspect of Merge. You know how one finds the treasure’s location where, on the map, the x lives? Well, that’s exactly the point here!
The x also reveals the relationships between Merge and its artisans. Our collaborations (illustrated by an x) are relationships we’ve consciously built over the years. And if they weren’t made through the collaborations we have with our dear artisans, Merge’s products wouldn’t be a quarter as sustainable, eco-friendly and meaningful as they are!
Also, the x puts forward the idea that Merge is dancing to its own beats. As we do what’s true to us and prioritize following our instinct as per what we curate, we illustrated it by using the x located outside the box (or circle)! We love this concept as we don’t have to fit within anything. We just "do us "!
Last but not least, the dot. As simple as it sounds, it evokes the fact that we are what we are, whether you like it or maybe not. We’re simple, to the point and we don’t try to pretend something we’re not [period]

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