Exploring the discomfort in asking for what we need

A series of journaling prompts by Caitlin Creeper

We invited you to take the time to  sit down with yourself and answer honestly, for you, these questions. 

- Do I feel safe to ask for what i need from those closest to me? Where do I hold back? Why?

- Being liked, going with the flow, putting up the least possible amount of resistance to others. was i more concerned with being seen this way -easy, agreeable, the chill girl- when i was 16, or am i more concerned about it now? why is this? what changed?

- If i could ask for anything from those around me without any consequences or risk of rejection, what would I ask for?

- Who is one person in my life I feel knows me the most? What is it that makes me feel safe to be myself in front of them?

- Do i believe I can put in a boundary, say no, or ask for more from someone and still be liked or loved by them? why or why not?

- Where have I not apologized for something, but wish I did?

- What was the last ‘bad decision’ I made, knowing it was a bad decision at the time. What did I learn from that?

- What was the last mistake I made, something I thought was a good move, that turned out to be the wrong move. What did I learn from that?

- Is there something I pretend to regret, but secretly don’t?

- Is there something I do regret, but secretly pretend that I don’t?

“Forgive yourself for the decisions you have made, the ones you still call mistakes when you tuck them in at night” - Sarah Kay

- What is your immediate response to this quote?

- How would you want someone you love to feel about their past mistakes and regrets?

- Do you think mistakes are necessary in life? Why so?

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