Kennedy | Fir + Citrus Soap


"Smell is the sense most intimately linked to memory". We believe in natural products and brought a collection that would remind you of your time spent in Tofino or simply enhance your shower rituals.

Kennedy | Fir + Citrus | Named after one of our favorite lake to hang out and swim in, the scent is a lush and fresh one that will make you feel uplifted as if you spent a day in the sun under the fresh air.

All natural ingredients | Approx. 85grams (3oz), shapes will vary as they are hand cut | Handmade in BC for Merge | Packaged in Tofino

Ingredients: Water, Coconut oil, African palm oil, Olive oil, Rice oil, Sodium hydroxide, Partially hydrogenated palm kerner oil, Castor seed oil, Goat milk,  Bladderwrack, Clay, Parfum, Fir.

We also have our Rose & Cedar or Cedar Leaf & Spruce available

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