Hum by Natalia Hero


Hum follows a young woman whose life is changed forever when, after being raped, she gives birth to a hummingbird. She must learn to cope with not only what happened to her, but with the bird’s persistent, agitating presence in her life. Natalia Hero’s debut is a beautiful and tormented magical-realist novella about surviving trauma, reclaiming oneself and what it means to heal.

Natalia Hero is a Montreal-based fiction writer and translator. She holds a B.A. in English and Spanish Literature from Concordia University and an M.A. in Literary Translation from the University of Ottawa. Her short fiction and translations have appeared in various publications including Cosmonauts Avenue, Peach Mag, Carte Blanche, and Shabby Doll House. Her first translation of a full-length novel will be published by QC Fiction in 2019. Hum is her first book.  


First printing


104 pages

Cover design | Louise Reimer

ISBN | 978-1-988355-15-

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