Static Flux by Natasha Young


Gravity’s ripples had reached us. They were found to carry a message of collapse-as-unity, death-as-becoming: two black holes became one, and we heard the echo like a chirp from the moment of climax, a bashful orgasmic peep. The irreverence of the truth of all things. The cosmic joke, and I was in on it.

Calla, a self-aware millennial with a vexing personality disorder, is struggling to make a living as a writer in post-Great Recession New York. Seeking the paradoxical equilibrium between freedom and security, she impulsively leaves for Los Angeles—and finds herself in a swirling array of distractions, pleasures, connections, and breakdowns. Natasha Young’s quick-witted, kaleidoscopic debut novel will take you to the heart of despair in Brooklyn and leave you blissfully disassociated in the mythical hills of Los Angeles.

Natasha Young is a roving writer and editor. Born in Portland, Maine, she was raised in the woods by working-class bohemian parents and has since called Montreal, New York, and now Los Angeles home. Her fiction has appeared in Adult Magazine, Somesuch Stories, and Cosmonauts Avenue, and her nonfiction (art and cultural criticism/essays/journalism) appears in magazines including Artforum, Real Life, Garage, and The New Inquiry.


First printing


164 pages

Rose gold foil on front & back cover

Cover design | Anjela Freyja

ISBN | 978-1-988355-13-

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