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This is the cutest candle company we've ever came across. Furthermore, each candle smells amazing and love how well it fills a room. Mala the Brand candles are hand-poured in Vancouver, BC and a tree is planted with every purchase. 


Perfect to burn when you just want to be in your pyjamas and binge on Netflix or feeling sweet and bubbly, re-arranging things around the house. It's pretty much nostalgia in a jar. Hint: Fruit Loops maybe? With a perfect balance of light lemon, citrus and berries, this candle will take you right back to your best childhood memories.

Notes of lemon, lime, lavender, vanilla, and sandalwood
8 oz  | Burn time: 40-45 hours

Milk and Sugar
We’ve taken our obsession with baked goods to a whole new level with Milk and Sugar. It’s a throwback to weekends spent baking fresh cookies in the kitchen with grandma!

Notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and cream
8 oz  | Burn time: 40-45 hours

Brunch lovers, this one’s for you! this citrusy scent is a blend of ripe, tangy grapefruit and mangosteen - an exotic fruit that is both citrusy and sweet with the slightest hint of peach. we guarantee it pairs perfectly with a tall glass of champagne and eggs benny, of course.

Notes of orange, lemon, grapefruit, peach, and red currant
8 oz  | Burn time: 40-45 hours

Sophisticated and luxurious, this rich and creamy scent is infused with cedarwood, tonka bean and just a hint of rose water. pairs well with any evening, whether it’s a date night, girls night, or even if you’re just in the mood for a little “me” time.

Notes of cream, rose water, tonka bean, and cedarwood
8 oz  | Burn time: 40-45 hours

This velvety scent pairs perfectly with your next at-home dinner party. Rich, but not overwhelming, Silk will keep your company in good spirits all night long. Pass the G+T, please!

Notes of tonic bean, coconut, and jasmine
8 oz  | Burn time: 40-45 hours

Easy like Sunday morning. Bask in the glow of warm sunlight and slow mornings with this candle and enjoy notes of lavender in bloom, apricot orchards, and rich sandalwood. Pair it with your favourite book and a cup of your favourite tea.

Notes of lavender, apple, apricot, magnolia, and bamboo
8 oz  | Burn time: 40-45 hours

Tea Party
Escape reality with tea party, a milky tea scent that is a complex blend of black tea leaves, sweet brown sugar, and creamy vanilla. sophisticated, fun, and delicious, this scent is the perfect accompaniment for a lunch date with your best pals!

Notes of brown sugar, vanilla, and bergamot
8 oz  | Burn time: 40-45 hours


Pair this dreamy scent with your favourite playlist, a charcuterie board, and a bottle of wine- or two! With musky layers of rich mahogany and undertones of smooth coconut, Cottage captures the essence of a relaxing weekend getaway for you to soak up in the comfort of your own abode.

Notes of mahogany, bergamot, coconut, cedarwood, and sandalwood.8 oz | Burn time: 40-45 hours

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