Wool socks


The best wool socks you'll ever own. High-quality, long-lasting made in Québec with local wool. Being dye free, the socks are available in two natural colors.

The makers are hands-on with the products, always present when the sheep are getting shorn, carefully selecting the fleeces they want to work with. Their selection comes from all around the province of Québec.

Wool has a great humidity absorption capacity & nylon is wear resistant which makes these socks breathable and lasting, without leaving any wet feeling on the fet. They are knitted in a way that they won't lose their shapes when well cared for. Perfect wool socks to bring on any of your adventures or just to stay cozy at home.

80% Wool 18% Nylon 2% Spandex | Three sizes available (from 4 to 12 women and 5 to 12 men) | Cold wash and dry flat | Made in Québec by Charlevoix Pure Laine 

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