Beside Magazine | Issue 12



What kinds of power do we want?

Power. It’s a word that evokes control and oppression. But power has other meanings too. It can be inspiring, supportive, and constructive. It can lift us up. All of us. Most importantly, power can be shared.

In its 12th edition, BESIDE explores the many forms that power can take, especially when it is a force for good.


Linda Besner
Eirik Johnson
Maximilian Mann
Konda Mason
Sophia Roe
Astra Taylor
Fabrice Vil
and many more.


Released on June 7th, 2022 | Printed in Québec by l’Empreinte on Rolland Enviro Print, a 100% post-consumer paper | 6.688 x 9.625 inches | English version

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