Of All We Have Met

A poetic collection celebrating the journey.

We are sculpted by the sum of our experiences, the paths we choose, and the people we meet along the way. Fragments of us shaping them - fragments of them shaping us. Our passages are intertwined, eliciting endless ripples. Collectively, we are the sea discovering itself; recognizing that we are a part of something larger yet we are every drop forming it.

We know it is not the paths chosen that matter most, whether they are the ones less traveled or the lively highway, we simply trust the journey. We may as well enjoy the ride, take the time, as we're becoming parts of all we have met.

—— Objects  ——

We have created and gathered objects that facilitate reflectiveness, curiosity and remind us to appreciate our interwoven pathways with the people and little bits of life that made us who we are.  

Tees with illustrations and words that prompt us about the importance of connections. Journals to recall beautiful moments. Tapping into tradition with love notes to be sent via mail or love letters to read out loud. Glasses to cheer with and swallow every last drop of life in. Jewelry that is worn in pairs or shared with a friend. Items that are easy to bring traveling. 

The capsule title was inspired by Alfred Tennyson’s poem Ulysses. More objects coming 2022.