Sunday Pitcher


Embrace the ritual of slow meals and impromptu gatherings with those who feed your soul the most. Your empty table sits like a blank canvas waiting to be decorated in nourishing snacks and our Sunday Pottery Collection. Pour sweet lemonade from the ceramic pitcher into a Sunday tumbler and share food from the hand-thrown plates and bowls

Unique pitcher with a fun asymmetrical handle that ressembles of a surfboard fin. Drink your favourite cocktail out of it and pair it with the assorted mugs.

Raw clay on the outside, glazed inside | Approximately 5.5 to 7"H X 3.5"W |

Hand wash recommended | Design by Merge | Handmade in Ucluelet, Canada by Karla Strickland for Merge. 

Sizes and colors may vary | Concrete color is simply a name and is made out of clay

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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