Small Pleasures by The School of Life


So often, we exhaust ourselves and the planet in a search for very large pleasures - while all around us lies a wealth of small pleasures, which - if only we paid more attention - could daily bring us solace and joy at little cost and effort. But we need some encouragement to focus our gaze. This is a book to guide us to the best of life's small pleasures: everything from the distinctive delight of holding a child's hand to the enjoyment of disagreeing with someone to the joy of the evening sky; an intriguing, evocative mix of small pleasures that will heighten our senses and return us to the world with new-found excitement and enthusiasm.

Hard Cover | 248 pages

The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence - believing that our most persistent problems are created by a lack of self-understanding, compassion and communication. They also operate from ten physical campuses around the world. The School of Life Press publishes books on the most important issues of emotional life. Their titles are designed to entertain, educate, console and transform.

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