Merge Everyday Woven Blanket


An ode to that perfect beach day. An everyday blanket to feel like you're floating on a cloud. Featuring a warm sun and a happy sunflower, surrounded by friendly clouds. 

This beautiful blanket compliments any living space, bringing joy and warmth to your beach picnic and moments with loved ones. A true piece of art that also keeps you cozy. 


Illustration by Julia GR, directed by Merge | 54" X 72" 

Colors: Lavender purple, orange peach, terracotta and forest green (actual color may differ from your screen.)

To maintain your blanket looking good for its lifetime: gentle machine washes with cold water. Hang to dry. Be careful from jewelry getting caught in. 

Design by Merge. Made in small batch by a family-owned company | 95% recycled cotton, 5% polyester | Made in the US.

Only 5 pieces in stock!

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