The ebb and flow of our internal introspection and external connections inherently intertwined. With our upcoming self-care products line, it is an extension of this poetic relationship and ecosystem. What we do to uplift ourselves in turn pours outward to our community and environment, and vice versa.

Through the pillars of ritual, memory, sustainability, and coastal connection we realize the internal and external cannot exist without the other (a merge if you will).

The daily practice of self-care. Carving out time to connect to self—nourishing and deepening our relationship with self, understanding our
values. In turn, translate values into actions, provide renewal, reflection,
and facilitate change.

Tapping into our senses to creative transportive experiences that evoke calming, energizing, and grounding feelings. Building a deeper
connection with the present moment, calling on past experiences.

Transparency, accountability and support for the ongoing effort to be more conscious of our social and environmental impact.

—Coastal Connection
Connection to a coastal place and lifestyle—the perspective of our place in the world as individuals and as part of something larger.

These pillars shape our reality in the present but inform the possibilities
of the future.


SOLSTICE OIL — Hair & Body Oil

SEA MISTSea Salt Hair Spray

Rebrand by @supersensitivestudios

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