Beside Magazine | Issue 11


New times. 

It often feels like time is happening to us, a fickle and unforgiving force beyond our control. But there are other ways to experience it.

In this issue, BESIDE presents stories and essays about tuning into time’s astonishing plurality: seasons and harvests, rocks and trees, rituals and traditions. Time spent creating and connecting; time saved or gloriously wasted. Because changing the world might just begin with changing our relationship to time.


Linda Besner
Gabrielle E. W. Carter
Dexter & Byron Peart
Myia Antone
Anupa Mistry
Todd Antony
Marcia Bjornerud
And many more...


Released on November 9th, 2021 | Printed in Québec by l’Empreinte on Rolland Enviro Print, a 100% post-consumer paper | 6.688 x 9.625 inches | English version

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