Do Fly


Change your perspective. Discover new skills. Make a living doing what you love. 

Living your best life does not just happen- you have to put in the work to achieve the life you've always dreames of. Do fly is a guide to finding the job you love. In these pages, designer Gavin Strange walks you through easy-to-follow, time tested strategies for building a fulfilling carreer, including : how to reframe your relationship with work, how to regain perspective when you feel overwhelmed, and why it's more important to be honest than original. With advice on how to discover your hidden passions, pick the right mentor, cultivate an optimistic and resilient mindset, and identify personal strenghts. Do fly is a rousing call ti create a life that is personaly and professionally rewarding. 

Do Fly is a guide to discovering your true path in life and following it with intention and purpose. Featuring useful exercises, motivational quotes from creative innovators and thought provoking practices to help set you on the right track, these pages will deliver advice and insight on:

  • Why teaching yourself new skills is essential
  • How to open yourself up to change
  • Why failure is essential to success 
  • How to craft a meaningful legacy 



Empowering and stirring, Do Fly will give you the courage and confidence to take the leap into life's next big adventure. 

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