Do Fly / Find your way. Make a living. Be your best self.


Find your way. Make a living. Be your best self by Gavin Strange

Do Fly invites readers to discover their true path in life and follow it with purpose. Featuring advice on discovering hidden passions, picking a mentor, cultivating an optimistic and resilient mindset, and identifying personal strengths, these pages are a rousing call to build a life that is personally and professionally rewarding."

Gavin Strange is a designer at Aardman Animations, the award-winning studio behind Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Gromit. He lives in England.

Inspiring Books, Motivational Books, Self-Improvement Book | Paperback | 128 pages

Do Books provide readers with the tools and inspiration to live a fulfilled and engaged life. Whether it's mastering a new skill, cultivating a positive mindset, or finding inspiration for a new project, these books dispense expert wisdom on subjects related to personal growth, business, and slow living. Written by the movers, shakers, and change makers who have participated in the DO Lectures in the United Kingdom and the United States, Do Books are packed with easy-to-follow exercises, bite-size tips, and striking visuals. Practical, useful, and encouraging, each book delivers trustworthy, empowering guidance so readers can succeed in whatever they choose to do." 

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