Pure Essential Oils


100 % Pure Essential Oil by Vitruvi.


This fresh and light yet not too sweet oil is perfect for skincare and cleaning. Its brightening and energizing properties are a perfect way to start the day.


This cozy, spicy citrus oil is often found in fragrances for both men and women. Comforting & cleansing, this oil is perfect for relaxing. This oil is great for skincare, bath and take stress off. It will remind you of a warm cup of Earl Grey tea. 


Woodsy + spicy aroma. Frankincense is a toning, grounding and helps with relaxation and reflection. This oil is perfect for moments of relaxation like meditation, yoga. Its antioxidant properties are a big help for caring for skin and can help reduce the visibility of fine skin lines.


A cleansing, herbal essential oil that turns your shower into a spa experience. Its antibacterial and invigorating properties are perfect for sprinkling in the shower, traveling or taking the stress off. 


 A floral, slightly minty essential oil that easily fits into your beauty routine. Its balancing and sensual properties are perfect for bath times, skincare and beauty rituals. 

Sweet Orange

A fun, light essential oil that can freshen up any space. Its brightening and astringent properties are great for skincare, cleaning and bath times. 


A soothing essential oil that's perfect for creating a bedtime ritual. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory are also perfect for skincare, travel and bath times.


A fresh, bright essential oil that leaves you feeling more awake. Its stimulating and cooling properties are great for focus, travelling, giving massages or haircare. 


A dynamic, woodsy essential oil that brings the outdoors in. Its purifying and cleansing properties are great for cleaning, massaging and getting some clarity. 

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