Faye Toogood | Assemblage 6, Unlearning


This book will take you through the creative process of Faye Toogood, a furniture and object British designer that mostly works with small-scale fabricators and traditional artisans.

Assemblage 6 started off with almost 300 maquettes: chairs, lamps, stools, or daybeds made of wire, cardboard, tape, and canvas, or the everyday materials to be found in Faye Toogood’s studio. Seventeen were chosen to be scaled up to life-size works, and here we have an immersive journey through all the original maquettes and their occasional passage into the real world of furniture/sculpture, a book that plays with the sense of dissimulation evident in the final artworks, or the fact that some objects are not always what they seem at first glance.


Dimensions: 145 x 220mm
Pages: 448
Binding: paperback with gilding

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