Handmade Longboard Fin | With Natural Fern Insert


Getting to the nose with style. A true Merge's original. Gear up your longboard with a thoughtfully designed fin. 

Pivot: 9'6 | All-arounder shape: 9'25

***All profits from the sales are given to Tribal Park Allies. More info below. As of the end of Novemebr 2020, we were able to give back $2220 into the community.

Designed by Merge | Handmade in Tofino by Liam Cook | Fern harvested around Tofino | The ferns have been dried with care but as anything natural, they might have imperfection - just as we do! 

We've been having this project in the works for some time now and are pretty excited about it! We honestly don't think there are more beautiful surfboard fins out there than those ones :) 


Tribal Park Allies

Tribal Park Allies aim to promote respectful partnerships for the continued long term protection of Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks (ƛaɁuukwiɁatḥ territory).

The spirit and intent of Tribal Parks Allies is to strengthen relationships between all who live within our Tribal Parks, delivering mutual benefits, and moving towards reconciliation, resilience, and abundance.

Tribal Parks Allies recognizes participating businesses operating in ƛaɁuukwiath Tribal Parks as supporters of the land- and community-visions articulated by the ƛaɁuukwiath First Nation. Participating businesses uphold the ecosystems maintained and protected by ƛaɁuukwiath Guardians and Membership.


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