• Hotweel by Aja Moore

Hotweel by Aja Moore

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I think
I would prefer Time and Love
To Money but I think I’d prefer Time
Over Love
*David Attenborough voice*
Are desperate times

Aja Moore’s debut collection of poetry is awash in sincerity and the ways in which we simultaneously crave, doubt, avoid, and totally disparage it. hotwheel, in turn, reveals its precious life-affirming conviction, despite its incertitude—or precisely because of it.

Aja Moore is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. She has volunteered with the B.C. Book Prizes, Summer Literary Seminars, and as a Poetry Editor for PRISM International. hotwheel is her first book.


First printing


68 pages

Cover design | Daniela Madrid

ISBN | 978-1-988355-14-6