Loss | Natural Eau de Parfum

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An eau de parfum handcrafted in Tofino, Canada.


* Wild crafted

SAFE INGREDIENTS. CLEAN FORMULAS. Natural. Organic. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Sustainable. No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, BHT, artificial colourants, nitro, poly or alicyclic musks.

60 ml / 2 fl oz | Natural Spray | Limited Edition


More about the scent ...

Engage your true inner point of feeling alive in a fierce and wild sense. When we lose things precious to us, there is initially a heaviness and doubt and fear may enter our being. Shed the heaviness. Release doubt and fear. Honour the process of loss to remind you of what really matters, and enliven your spirit to recall its true essence of relentless fire and bright night sky star brilliance. Loss is an initiation into a new chapter.

The beauty of the energy of deeply accepting the process of loss, is that we are initiated into a new chapter of existence. The energy of loss can weight us down initially, but in truth it is a journey like the initiation of Inanna in the powerful myth of spring. Loss shows us what was transient and illusory, and what instead is resilient and timeless. Like the snowdrop resisting the potential death of the winter’s frost, and staying green through the dark months to unfold a bright white flower, humbly bowing its head to the greatness of life, in the spring.

The snowdrop flower essence for this Eau de Parfum was ethically wild crafted from the mountains surrounding the powerful land on the edge of the ocean in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada. Gathered in the early morning with dew still glistening on its tiny petals, the fragrance captured from this time of the day is the most potent. Spring-smelling, cool, with a fresh fantasy floral note, the snowdrop floral tone adds the effervescent hopefulness gathered from a long winters endurance to enliven this blend with the power of hope in the face of loss.


More about the process ...

A proprietary blend of the finest essential oils, absolutes, resins & wild crafted extracts. Woven together over five months of careful titration and distillation, the Eau de Parfum in this limited edition fragrance completed at the light of the full moon in July of 2020. Flowers and plants harvested from the wild were collected at first morning dew by our perfumer who walked through the wilderness of her ancestors to ethically source and blend the perfume. Organic and natural essences from remote and exotic places were carefully chosen to enhance and entrance, with the effect of an initial experience of the scent leaving you wanting to inhale more and more.

Only one hundred bottles of this exquisite and exquisitely designed Eau de Parfum were created, making your choice to own a bottle unique, individual, and an exclusive fragrance for your signature presence.

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