Love | Natural Eau de Parfum

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An eau de parfum handcrafted in Tofino, Canada.


* Wild crafted

SAFE INGREDIENTS. CLEAN FORMULAS. Natural. Organic. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Sustainable. No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, BHT, artificial colourants, nitro, poly or alicyclic musks.

60 ml / 2 fl oz | Natural Spray | Limited Edition


More about the scent ...

Enchant your inner being with the essence of love. Designed to nurture the quality of love within your heart, the ILLUMINE Love Eau de Parfum fragrance is complex, multi-layered and intriguing. The fragrance speaks to the ability to resonate love, a resonance that can be measured as harmonious well balanced electromagnetic waves emanating from the heart centre. This resonance can be consciously cultivated within through an intentional practice echoed in the guided meditation series associated with this Eau de Parfum line - coming soon..

The beauty of the energy of love, and the ability to create the atmosphere of love within, is the inspiration behind the ILLUMINE Love Eau de Parfum. Nootka rose with its sweet honey tones of a gentle softness creates the opportunity for beautiful connection. Narcissus essence in balance lends a focus on the inner beauty of self, honouring this, so that with clear self love and balanced power, you can enter into loving connection with another. Vanilla from Madagascar sensually engages all three centres of sensuality, heart, and intelligence. Sandalwood recalls the essence of sacred places designed for intentional connection, wooden walls protective and sanctifying, spaces clear and light with only the vibration of a pure love present. To deeply honour one self, and deeply honour another, is the atmosphere created by the ILLUMINE Love scent.


More about the process ...

A proprietary blend of the finest essential oils, absolutes, resins & wild crafted extracts. Woven together over five months of careful titration and distillation, the Eau de Parfum in this limited edition fragrance completed at the light of the full moon in July of 2020. Flowers and plants harvested from the wild were collected at first morning dew by our perfumer who walked through the wilderness of her ancestors to ethically source and blend the perfume. Organic and natural essences from remote and exotic places were carefully chosen to enhance and entrance, with the effect of an initial experience of the scent leaving you wanting to inhale more and more.

Only one hundred bottles of this exquisite and exquisitely designed Eau de Parfum were created, making your choice to own a bottle unique, individual, and an exclusive fragrance for your signature presence.

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