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Then finally, it was Sunday morning, and the rush of the world seemed to quiet to the hum of calm intention warming the day. At last, you can embrace the ritual of slow meals and impromptu gatherings with those who feed your soul the most. After plopping one single flower into your Sunday conical vase, maybe surprise your guests (or magical self) with a pour over coffee in these hygge spirited mugs.

We find this fun asymmetrical handle (that ressembles of a surfboard fin) mug to be the perfect size whether it's for tea or coffee. If hygge was a mug, it’d be this one.  We love the natural raw clay finish on the outside and soft finish food-safe on the inside. Its tapered look allows for stacking them up and mix matching the various colors is our way to go! 

Pair with its matching pitchertumblers or plates and bowls

    Stackable mug | All natural colors | Approximate size: 4" height X 3 1/4" diameter at top ( 2" diameter at bottom)  | more or less 8 to 12 oz | Hand wash recommended. 

    Merge design | Pottery done by Karla Strickland for Merge. Handmade on the beautiful coast of the Pacific Northwest in Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada. 

    Sizes and colors may vary | Concrete color is simply a name and is made out of clay

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