10 Reasons We’ve Fallen In Love With Hemp

Tall, green, and handsome, ‘marijuana’s cousin’ has got us swooning in wonder. The knight in shining armour of textile fibres-- Hemp rejuvenates damaged soil, reduces waste, conserves water and rescues damsels lost in the distress of climate grief and fast fashion.

Hemp clothing is no longer defined by hippy hammer pants and potato sack style. No, hemp has risen above all those outdated stigmas. It’s finally receiving the recognition it deserves for its silky soft feel, great drape, and soaring sustainability points. 

Our Touch of Earth Collection

Staying grounded with our toes in the sand or freeing our minds in the everchanging clouds—the earth constantly provides us with nourishment. Our new Touch of Earth collection cultivates the experiences of mindful moments and connection to nature with our hemp tshirt, sweater, and tank. We wanted each piece to show kindness towards the planet as the earth gives endless kindness towards us. 

Choosing hemp for this basics line aligned with the slow lifestyle and conscious fashion rhythms we believe in and advocate for.  Below are the top ten reasons we love designing clothing with hemp.  

5 Reasons Why We Love Hemp Clothing:

Self expression through meaningful, long-lasting clothing has never been more sustainable. With hemp, we’re not compromising comfort or style to give a f**k about our environment.

1.  Naturally anti-bacterial

 Hemp has antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties that eliminate odour-causing bacteria and mildew. Hemp T Shirts will feel cleaner and fresher for longer, giving us the freedom to run around with our toes in the sand, drink palomas on a patio, and skip across boardwalks without feeling the need to outfit change.

2.  Moisture wicking

Like all natural fibers, hemp is porous with moisture wicking properties that respond to your body temperature. It not only pulls moisture away from the body to the outer surface of your clothes, but it also promotes rapid drying.

On those warm, breezy beach days your skin will thank you for allowing it to breathe and temperature regulate in a hemp sweater or shortsleeve.

3.  Natural Sun Protection

Clothing made from natural fibres have around 30%-50% natural UV protection, but hemp fibres shield up to 95% of Ultraviolet Rays! We encourage you to uphold a daily sunscreen routine, but this natural sun protection from hemp is perfect for long days wandering outside. 

4.  So soft and comfortable

Treating ourselves with kindness everyday and wearing T Shirts made from hemp are one in the same. Hemp has great drape and only gets softer over time. Even hemp clothing with that earthy, natural texture keep us grounded in softness during the excitement of the day.

5.  Long lasting

Hemp clothing is incredibly strong, heat-resistant, anti-static, and virtually indestructible in water. The extended life of hemp is 3 times more durable than cotton meaning that if all cotton clothing were replaced by hemp, we would only need to produce a third of what we do to clothe the planet.

5 Environmental Benefits Of Growing Hemp:

In contrast to the devastating conventional cotton farms, hemp farms radiate reciprocity. They give more than they take, have minimal impact on the environment, and can help us restore environments damaged by conventional cotton farming.

1.  Low Maintenance

We all love a low maintenance relationship. But Cotton’s relationship (link to cotton blog post) to our environment has been high maintenance with a capital H (massive water consumption, pesticides, fertiliser, topsoil degradation, to name a few). 

Hemp, on the other hand, is the low maintenance relationship of our dreams. Hemp farms require less space, use less than a third of the water used in cotton farms, and yield 220% more fibre.

2.  Less Agrochemicals

Agrochemicals (pesticides, insecticides, fertilisers, hormones) have been harming our soils and hindering their ability to filtrate water, sequester carbon, and provide natural fertility.

Hemp farms require little weeding, have no need for pesticides/hormones/fertilizer, and even enrich the soil it leaves behind with more goodness. 

3.  Restores Topsoil

Irresponsible farming methods are putting us at risk of losing all our topsoil by 2074. This outermost layer of soil is filled with yummy organic matter, offers protection, and retains water to help the plant thrive. Without topsoil, industry’s agriculture land requirements expand, meaning more deforestation and habitat loss.

Hemp can be the salvation to our topsoil woes, if only we support the farmers who grow it.  Hemp’s deep center taproot replenishes vital nutrients in soil, is phytoremediative (pollutant absorbing), and prevents topsoil erosion. When grown sustainably, hemp can restore previously damaged and contaminated soils and replenish nutrients back into the environment.

4.  Carbon Negative

Tall, green, and handsome – emphasis on ‘green’, hemp has grabbed the attention of many for being a carbon negative crop. Sustainable hemp farms produce low carbon emissions, and the plants themselves absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than trees. Replacing conventional cotton farms with hemp would be a transcendent movement for our atmosphere’s health.

5.  Minimal Waste

What happens to the rest of the plant after we take the textile fibres necessary for our garments? The hemp plant offers every part of itself from the seeds, stalks, core, and leaves.

The core fibre can be used to make paper, fibreglass, hempcrete for construction and livestock bedding. Dust from processing can be pressed into pellets and used as a fuel source. Seeds can be eaten as hemp hearts or processed into oil and milk. While the smaller chips of the core are highly sought after as nutrient packed soil additives.  

Our Touch of Earth Collection:

Our Touch of Earth Collection is made from a durable hemp and cotton blend with the natural texture of the earth for those deep breath moments. We’ve enriched hemp with organic cotton to keep each piece soft, flowy and rich in colour.  

Our Dream Tee, Cloud Sweater, and Breeze tank are the soft, eco-conscious, skin loving tops of your daydreams. 

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