Taking better care of our planet requires love, effort & compassion.

Adopting eco-friendly habits doesn’t need to be complicated - in fact, taking care of our planet happens in the smallest actions, much like it does for us. It’s the accumulation over time of small gestures which make the biggest difference. 

Here are our suggestions for making eco-friendly, everyday choices: 

Bring your own cup when going out for coffee. Especially if you're getting it to go. It makes everyone happier, coffee included! Okay, maybe not the barista but if they're eco-conscious too, we’re sure they'll be happy too!

Air dry your clothes. Not only will it preserve your clothes longer, you'll be helping to reduce environmental damage. Now that spring is here, your clothes will even smell fresh & crisp! In the winter, any hung pole (e.g. your shower curtain) will be a great solution, especially if you live in a smaller space.

Ditch the single-use plastic bags. When grocery shopping, there's no need to bring your apples, broccoli florets, and brussel sprouts in small plastic bags. It might be a bit more of a hassle to carry them to and from the shelves but try putting your goods in your cart directly. Then place them in reusable bags for your trek home. Of course, you can also buy reusable produce bags too!

Thrift shop and/or shop locally. While shopping second hand helps reduce the impacts of fast fashion, shopping locally helps to minimize shipping (and therefore our carbon footprint) so we encourage you to do so before turning to big corporations.

Donate used clothes. Give your used clothing to organizations, local shops, or even friends and family. Donation is a particularly positive alternative to throwing away textiles in the trash. In addition to the environmental benefits of giving your items a second life, you're also helping others!

It's your small actions added to mine! You'll see, it can be quite simple and straightforward.

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