Sunday Mug


We find this fun asymmetrical handle (that ressembles of a surfboard fin) mug to be the perfect size whether it's for tea or coffee. If hygge was a mug, it’d be this one.  We love the natural raw clay finish on the outside and soft finish food-safe on the inside. Its tapered look allows for stacking them up and mix matching the various colors is our way to go! 

A homey addition to any cupboard.

Pair with its matching pitchertumblers or watering pitcher.

    Stackable mug | All natural colors | Approximate size: 4" height X 3 1/4" diameter at top ( 2" diameter at bottom)  | more or less 8 to 12 oz | Hand wash recommended. 

    Merge design | Pottery done by Karla Strickland for Merge. Handmade on the beautiful coast of the Pacific Northwest in Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada. 

    Sizes and colors may vary | Concrete color is simply a name and is made out of clay

    Only 3 pieces in stock!

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