Tucked away in a little pink building...

Merge is a lifestyle shop with a focus on providing long-lasting goods and Canadian made products that effortlessly integrate into the lives of our customers. Our selection aims to inspire and uplift simple moments and rituals.

Design and Mindfulness play a major role in curating intentional objects , collaborating with makers, and through the creation of our Merge capsule collections. Moreover, locally made products is an on-going focus that we strive on maintaining.

| The Space

Located in Tofino British Columbia, lending to the natural beauty of our coast with elements of wood shelving and cozy knits, we also provide a warmth in hints of a surf trip abroad. Merge was designed to feel like your home away from home or that hidden gem you’ve stumbled across along your travels. Even on the most grey Tofino days, you can expect to be uplifted and inspired in our warm and bright space.

| The meaning behind the branding

Find out more about our visual identity here

| Founder, Laurie Boudreault

Born and raised in Québec City, Laurie Boudreault has always found herself drawn to a unique style of design and from a young age has always danced to her own beat. Discovering a new love for travel and a passion for surfing, she was drawn to Tofino where she was able to enjoy the surf while also providing time to focus on her creative pursuits, which led to opening Merge's doors back in 2015.

With a degree in Fashion Design (2010) and a Graphic Design diploma (2016) in hand, Laurie is working on Merge's capsule collections, featuring surf inspired apparel and accessories as well as everyday basics. Her current and upcoming projects focus on female lead concepts which highlight the power of women and femininity delivered with an understated elegance and je-ne-sais-quoi. 

You can see her graphic design work here.