Thoughtful objects + lifestyle

Merge is a brand and lifestyle shop providing quality and design-forward goods, with a focus on Canadian and locally made products. Our selection aims to effortlessly inspire and uplift simple moments and rituals.

Design, attention to details and mindfulness play a major role in curating intentional objects, collaborating with makers, and through the creation of our own timeless Merge capsule collections. 

Moreover, we strive to celebrate creativity and small-batch craftsmanship within the marketplace, dedicating part of our selection to handmade goods and as local as we can, providing a fun selection of gift ideas.

We aim to share the mentality of owning only beautiful and useful objects born from the unapologetic love for creativity or thirst for design-centric objects, bringing joy to the everyday life. We believe in lifestyles that celebrate the little things, ride the waves, wake up to the sunlight to read a book while the coffee is brewing and cellphones are left behind.

| The Space

Located in a pink building in Tofino British Columbia, lending to the natural beauty of our coast with elements of wood shelving and cozy knits, we also provide a warmth in hints of a surf trip abroad and a perfect destination for gift shopping. Merge was designed to feel like that hidden gem you’ve stumbled across along your travels. Even on the most grey Tofino days, you can expect to be uplifted and inspired in our warm and bright space.

| The meaning behind the branding

Find out more about our visual identity here


| Founder & Creative Director, Laurie Boudreault (she/her)

Born and raised in Québec City, Laurie Boudreault has always found herself drawn to design, in various ways, and from a young age has always danced to her own beat. Her passion for surfing brought her to Tofino where she is able to enjoy the surf while also pursuing her desire to do creative work and run a business.

Laurie has a degree in Fashion Design (2010) and a Graphic Design diploma (2016). Merge was born from her passions and her attention to detail. She hopes it keeps on inspiring and uplifting people's daily life; whether it's through mindful objects bringing beauty in the everyday or grounding lifestyle views.

More about her here


| Marketing & Lifestyle, Valérie Minville (she/her)

Drawn to Vancouver Island in 2019, Valerie Minville is now hooked on Tofino's coastal lifestyle. Since very early on in life, she's been passionate about water sports. And it's no different now - you can almost always found her playing by the water.

Valerie has a photography diploma (2016) and loves combining, in her photographs, her passion for surfing, storytelling, and her spontaneous approach to life. The natural beauty of the West Coast is what inspires her the most.

Valerie has been with us, at Merge, since her first summer on the island. Not only does she helps push our story online, but she's also one of the creative tanks behind our campaigns. When she's not in the store, you'll find her in her zone developing new concepts and working on various behind the scene tasks. One of her wishes is to inspire more and more people in embodying life's simplest beauties.

| Brand Experience & Product Design, Emma Duchaine Fontaine (she/her)

Emma helps develop our brand: from our in-house designed products, the online experience to the brands we curate for the store.

Emma was always interested in the relationship between people and their environment. She graduated with a Bachelor in Product Design (2019), as she loves to understand how humans express their identity through objects. She likes to look beyond the materiality of things to design meaningful, long-lasting goods. She aims to create products that will help people make sustainable choices for themselves and the environment.

Outside of work, she loves to play around with analog photography, spend lots of time outside and eat good meals with friends.

| Store Manager & Wholesale Partnerships, Alex Geerts (she/her)