7 Nourishing Benefits of a Bath

Why science thinks you should run yourself a bubble bath:

  •  Baths are proven to ease stress, release tense muscles, and provide relief from headaches.
  • Baths support lymphatic drainage and our skin's natural purification 
  • Bathing lowers inflammation and lessens physical exhaustion.  
  • A bath can rejuvenate circulation and strengthen our immune system. 
  • Baths can improve our sleep routines by helping us fall asleep faster and into deeper states of sleep.
  • A bath can help us rise out of heavy, low winter moods.  
  • And finally, baths can help boost our brain funciton and provide mental clarity after a mentally taxing day. 


Close your eyes, breathe into mindfulness, and slip into a pool of warm and inviting tranquility with our Tidal Soak Bubble Bath 

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