How to: reduce our plastic uptake

Another week, another quarrel over our use of plastic. It feels like new concerns always keep emerging just as we start feeling adequate enough juggling with what already is on our plate. Obviously, gone are the days of just innocently consuming, throwing away, and calling it a day. Now, the consequences of such consumptions abuse are obvious and more than concerning - our seas are filled up with an unbelievable amount of plastic waste killing up to a million of seabirds a year, and affecting both large and small creatures. Over the last ten years, we have produced more plastic than that of the whole previous century. And it is unacceptable!
The most straightforwards actions we take responsibility for right now, are the ones that will matter the most in the long run. Not to get off topic here, but 3o cm of rain in April? Freezing weather in May? 2o° C on Monday, but -3° C the next Tuesday? Obviously by now we mostly all have noticed that Mother Nature sends our way a complete shit show which I’m sure has a correlation somewhere with our plastic consumption / waste.
OKAY, I’m done lecturing you. It’s been said. You know it. Let’s move on to solutions / tips and tricks on how to consume mindfully, therefore, on how to reduce the use of plastic, help our dear friends from the ocean and comfort Mother Nature.
In the kitchen
+ Opt for ecological utensils: not only that wooden utensils or this wooden dish brush are environmentally friendly, but they are also cute a.f., and IG material (you’re welcome!) Yes, I know though, disposable utensils allow for a no-dishes-to-do kind of night. But hey, let’s not be lazy here. We’re in 2019!
+ Swap your plastic straws for reusable ones: alternative options come in a handful - bamboo, metal or glass made straws. Whatever suits your vibe!
+ Replace your plastic films with malleable beeswax films: please, forget these awful snuggly synthetic blankets - there are only good at contributing to the melting of our ice caps and rising of our oceans and the downfall or our planet. A great alternative to this, is to use a reusable beeswax wrap (we carry some at the shop, Come say hi!)
+ Interchange your paper towels with eco fabric clothes: Laurie, Merge’s owner , has carefully chosen and design those cute Tea fabric. And if you’re not convinced just yet, let me tell you that down the road, your wallet too will say thank you, thank you!
+ Barter any plastic bags for glass jars or fabric bags: bring those Woven Sinamay Net Bags at the grocery store for grouping fruits and veggies, or any reusable bag like these Sting Net eco bags. Even though there is more food market that now offers boxes / eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags.
In the bathroom
Try trading:
- Your cotton makeup remover pads for reusable one;
- Your bottled hand soap with a bar (ideally handmade & local);
- Your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one;
- Your Odor Eliminator with Incense Matches;
Extra tips
+ Have a reusable coffee cup close to hand, in your car or in your bag. Keep a reusable bag close to you to avoid disposable plastic bags.Prefer a product packaged in cardboard or paper rather than plastic. The choice is often offered, sometimes even cheaper! Prefer the use of a small handkerchief over individually wrapped napkins.
+ Reuse candle jars after they are done. They make great little pots for storage and even a glass!
+ Buy products, like laundry soap, oil & peanut butter in bulk.
Remember: The key is to consume less or consuming mindfully. You can always ask yourself, do I really need it?

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