Our 2019 Tofino Wellness Guide

Not only do we love self-care, we believe it’s crucial for our overall happiness and health. This being said, We feel like we can make it one of our duty to bring awareness to Tofino’s health orientated spots, being West Coast and wellness interested as we are.
Essentially, in the wilderness of the Pacific Rim Park’s rain forest, Tofino is known for its vast beaches and endless — beginner and experimented perfect — waves. Even though nature itself is one of the purest sources of rejuvenation, we've taken the liberty of selecting other inspirational, soul-sourcing and curated options for you, if you’re looking for a getting-sound-in-your-body moment on a potential upcoming time on the island. Whether for your mind, soul or body, here are few banged-up businesses, products, and places to check out or where to bring your dear self for a sweet time.
For the body
+ The Bath and Body oil from Clarity Apothecary: a blend of four anti-inflammatory oils combined with their respective signature scents. Smooth it over your skin, or drop it into your bath, you’ll be hydrated from head to toes, either way (for sure!). Hydrating and anti-inflammatory, the Bath and Body oil is light, NOT (!!) greasy and easily absorbed. If your skin is affected by seasonal changes, which let’s be real, probably is, hydration is often a good place to start.
+ Sound Skincare: are facials your thing? Whether you’ve answered positively or not, lemme tell you that you’ll surely start swearing by this place after your first visit. Natural. Holistic. Personalized body hair, skin, and soul (yes!) treatments. Can’t get any better, right?
For the tummy
+ Yayu Cafe: the sweet new addition in Ucluelet. A plant-based café where brunches are being served along with delightful coffees. Besides the food itself being incredibly tasty and healing, its vibe is on a whole other level.
+ Basic Goodness pizzeria: okay, okay. Don’t give us that eye roll! We admit, sometimes there are no needs for it all. Get the girl a surf session followed by an Italian pizza and you’re sealing the deal. Nothing more to say.
+ Frankly: If you ask what can beat a Mother-Nature-friendly product, we’ll say an eco-friendly boutique that uses electric vehicles to transport the majority of its Mother-Nature-friendly shipments. The zero-waste store is now open in Tofino, and believe us, its worth a lil’ stop post-facial.
For the gals
+ Penelope Lane: a brand straight outta Tofino. Their ethical hand made clothes are to died for — their naturally dyed silk dresses and kimonos are Stunning! We carry a few pieces in store (swing by to check them out.)
+ Bahhgoose: B.E.A.U.T.I.F..U.L. clothing brand designed and handcraft in Canada. We personally really like the fact that the company also collaborate with a small group of artisans from Asia. Let’s be real, a lil’ oriental vibe can do nothing but bring out the perfect boho-chic vibe we all crave!
Anyone, any other suggestions to add to our pretty summarized list? Let us know xx

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