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Less than a month before the 10th years of Queen of the Peak!!!
For the ones who don’t know about Queen of The peak: It’s an annual women surf contest hosted by Surf Sister and Shelter Restaurant. In this blog post Krissy told us that "this year, the longboarding price will be equal to the shortboard price." This will be the first time the prices match. That's pretty rad!
Not only that girls from California and Hawaii are registered, your local girl gang will also be there - Better Hang Ten Ladies!
Queen of the Peak newest category: The Masters! Watch out, those 10 experimented women will surely kill it!
Things that are going on over that week
1. Leah Dawson, 2018 Champion, will be hosting an informal clinic on Wednesday the 2nd as a fundraiser for a local charity. That’s a pretty good excuse to go surfing if you ask us! No reservation required.
2. The fun doesn’t stop there, Tofino Coffee Roasting co. is hosting an art exhibition right after, showcasing local talent of many women. Cheers to that!
3. On Thursday the 3rd, it's the annual Welcome Reception at Shelter, open to the competitors only, but don't worry Shed got you, they’ll be showcasing video of the previous years on Saturday the 5th featured Lydia and Bryanna. Woot woot! More details to come. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can dream of their margarita.
After celebrating their 20th anniversary last July, we can definitely say that 2019 has been a hell of a good year for the ladies at Surf Sister!
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