Good questions for good people: Meet Lindsay!

Meet Lindsay! The illustrator behind Les Fleurs tee. One of the latest addition to our Art Tee collection. 

Where would we have found you as a child? Doing what? As a child I could be found throwing a tantrum or jumping in a puddle.

Describe a day in your life? A day in the life is always changing! Coffee, walking, working on something, lists, thinking about maybe having to get another job.

What is it in what you do that fuels you the most? I think the fire fuels itself. 

What’s your dream project or collaboration? I don’t have a dream collaboration but my dream situation is just having a huge space to make whatever I want and knowing people will buy whatever I make. 

What’s the most important lesson your work has taught you? Patience!

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to be an illustrator? I can’t give advice but I’d say do what makes you happy even when it’s super frustrating.


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